Our Story

Our Story

Napoli to New York

Pizza originated in Napoli where the first pizza was commissioned for the Queen Margherita in 1889. Years later it journeyed to New York by way of Italian immigrants where the first pizzeria opened its doors in 1905. Our commitment is to preserve the original fundamentals of authentic pizza Napolitana while fusing it with elements of New York style pizza. This results in a unique style in which we like to call “Napoli meets New York."


Jesse is a culinary aficionado and a curator of Italian tradition, currently dedicated to preserving the techniques of artisanal pizza making. His years of restaurant experience in both fine dining and corporate institutions brings two decades of distinction to the Sughetto Restaurant Group in their first venture located in the heart of Kleinburg Village. La Pizza Shoppe encapsulates a philosophy of authenticity, seasonality, and warm hospitality along with enriched culinary traditions of regional Italy bound with nostalgia of the 80’s/90’s era New York style pizzerias.

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